I’m an introvert – I like spending quality time alone, all by myself.  It’s how I recharge and refocus.  So when Tabitha said she wanted to train with me for a half marathon, I was excited for her but concerned for me.  I had never really trained with anyone else in the past and I kind of enjoyed being alone.  I really wanted to support Tabitha so I said yes.

To give you some background: At this point, Tabitha’s and my family have been living together for about 3 months.  We knew each other to a certain degree (having only 1350 sq ft to eat, breath and walk around in) but she was sweet to make sure I was aware that she liked to talk while running and asked if that would be okay.  Of course it would be okay because she is an extrovert and out of my 4 siblings and I, I am the most introverted, so I knew what I was getting myself into.

I’m laughing at myself right now as I write this because little did I know the things I would learn while training with Tabitha.

First of all we just talked.  Sometimes about nothing in particular, sometimes about what was troubling us, and sometimes we would confess that we did not want to run that day or that we didn’t think we could finish. 

Second, we listened to each other.  Sometimes we would only listen; sometimes offer our experiences and advice; sometimes we would even pray about these situations.  But we would always encourage each other about keeping our goal in sight and that we COULD finish because the Lord is our strength!

When Tabitha and I got to the point in our running where we needed to branch off to our specific training programs according to our different running goal, I realized just how much those times meant to me.  As an introvert I was gently reminded how much relationships enrich our lives.  How, in the grand scheme of things we never fully do anything alone (Heb. 12:1) because we need others and their support.  I’m thankful for my husband and his encouraging words, my daughter’s smiles, and my friend’s questions on how the training is going.  I’m thankful for the time I had with Tabitha to talk about how my breathing sounds just as heavy as hers so therefore, she’s not as out of shape as she thinks she is; when the right time to start potty training my little girl; and my and my husband’s vision for our marriage.

While I am an introvert and I enjoy being alone, I wouldn't trade the time I had running with and growing closer to my extroverted house mate over anything.

Changing for the better - Patricia