I’m writing this entry just a few hours after completing 16 miles.  Wow - 16 miles.  A few weeks ago I left you hoping to finish 14 miles and I have just completed 16.  Here is how I got there: 

A day or two before my 14 mile jog, Tabitha came up with the brilliant idea to do our mileage together.  She was supposed to do 7 miles (a distance she had never done before).  So, we decided that I would do the first half of my jog with her and then the last half by myself.  It was perfect for both of us for several reasons.  For me because even as an introvert, once I hit 8 or 9 miles I’m ready for some sterling conversation to keep my mind off the other 4, 6 or however many more miles I have left to go.  For Tabitha because as an extrovert, sterling conversation is always welcome J  Third, our comfortable jogging pace is about the same and we even push each other to go a little faster than intended. 

Also, the day before the long run I decided to eat something every half hour to ever hour.  I love to eat so I almost felt like I didn’t have to hold back.  Don’t worry, I didn’t go straight for the snack shelf in our pantry.  I made good choices eating from a wide variety of foods in the four main food groups. 

It worked out nicely that after we had a good-paced 7 mile jog, Tabitha started her cool down and I kept on the path to do another 7 miles.  It was a little more difficult making the last 7 by myself…I had already done 7, did I really want to do more?  But I knew that I wanted to get up to the mileage for doing a marathon and this is how you do it.  So, although I was very happy once I finished, I felt really good (both mentally and physically)! 

Sure enough, we decided to do the same thing this morning.  We got up early (the park we go to is pretty popular and parking fills up fast on Saturday mornings!) and went for our long runs.  Tabitha and I talked for 8 miles, then I continued on for another 8.  I was not “in the game” mentally as much as I would have liked to, but nonetheless I finished and did it at a pace 1 second faster than my 14 mile run J  Oh, and I am totally enjoying the “eating every hour or so” routine the day before! 

On the mommy side, things have been good and stretching.  Mary Ella is making some solid progressions toward being potty trained.  They are still baby steps forward but she is about to be 16 months and knows that it’s best to go to the bathroom in the potty.  Now, whether or not she does so is another story but as I said, baby steps. 

The stretching part comes while watching Mary Ella and Selah interact.  They are both becoming more “vocal” when they don’t like something and this can lead to acting out against one another.  They spend quite a bit of time together during the week and Tabitha said they are becoming more like sisters.  I was not always the nicest sister growing up (I had 2 sisters and 2 brothers), so I shouldn’t be surprised when I hear that Mary Ella has been hitting Selah or see that Selah has just pushed Mary Ella away from looking at a book.  But it still irritates me that my sweet girl and my full-of-life Selah would act that way toward someone.

As Brian and I talked about the different personalities between the two girls and how I respond to their disobedient acts differently, it has caused me to look at some deeper issues.  Like my perspective on parenting, disciplining, and even how I react to others my own age that perhaps are rude to me or don’t “follow the rules” like I am so much a stickler about doing.

Life is a journey and I’m thankful for the opportunity to learn about the two “new” people living with me.  As a whole, Mary Ella and Selah play nicely together and I know a day will come when they will make better decisions about how to deal with conflict between the two of them.  In the meantime, I hope I continue to learn from them and become a better mom, wife, friend, sister, and daughter to my Father in heaven because of them.  

To the Journey - Patricia