Hi Guys!  Thanks for popping by.  I’ve never blogged before so this will be quite a new learning experience.  While I enjoy writing, I’m sure there will be a learning curve for posting my thoughts on the internet – thanks for your grace in advance J

Speaking of a new learning experience, the reason I was invited to join this blog is because I was getting tired of carrying the desire to do a full marathon in my heart and not doing anything about it.  I was thinking about it all the time, making plans for “when the time comes,” and encouraging others to make a running goal if the topic came up (all the while not breathing a word about my own longing to train).

To get the full picture, I must tell you that in May of 2010 I gave birth to Brian and my first child.  She has been, to put it simply, a joy like no other joy I have known. However, adjusting to this new joy has been…well a lot to handle.  It took me a lot longer to adjust than I thought it would, but then again we are first time parents and I went ran back to work pretty quickly.  Now that I have been slowly learning how to balance family and work, I decided I was ready to begin to live out my dream of preparing and then completing a full marathon.

Just sharing my dream gives me excitement and joyful anticipation of what it will feel like to cross the finish line!  And the great thing is that I know there will be lots of people out there on October 29th lining up at the starting line with me to do their best and accomplish their goal, whatever it may look like for them during those 26.2 miles.  You are welcome to join me and Tabitha as we write about our journey to our own respective starting line, and then all the way to the finish.  I must warn you it’s going to take some time, it’s going to stretch your patience, you may learn a thing or two about life, you may have to just laugh at us from time to time and you may just have to call us to ask for a verbal update; most of all I hope that this will encourage you in your journey, to be reminded about what you love, to do it fearlessly and live your life to the fullest.

To life, abundantly - Patricia