This is really my first attempt at creating a website.  Thanks to places like Yola, I get to experiment with webdesign at different levels.  A buddy of mine struck my interest nearly two years ago and just now I'm realizing what it would have meant for us as a family had I really pursued it like I had wanted to.  But nothing is too late!  So here I am.  While seeking for a job down here, I have been trying to develop new skills to make myself more marketable.  God has not only connected me with two designers, but has also connected us with a husband and wife duo that are amazing artists.  It really is difficult to find help when starting something new, let alone that help being as seasoned as the people God has brought us to.  But enough on that.  It's off to my other current pursuit, which is writing.  Nothing quite like losing myself in a book at Aroma Coffee House!  Well, after I make Tabitha a quesadilla!