I'm trying to think of so many wonderful things to post about.

But my mind is failing me just now.

I really want to give you some fun details about the way my life has changed in the past few months because of training for this half marathon, but I feel like I can't put them into words that will suffice. So instead I will make you a pretty list complete with bullet points of the way I've been affected by training for this half.

Bullet points below:)

  • I'm stronger. I can see and feel my leg muscles when I walk up hills or stairs, its pretty cool.
  • I have to eat a lot more and at very specific times in order to make sure I have enough to burn.
  • I get a lot of head aches. Hey I didn't say they would be good affects, just affects. Am I spelling the word affect correctly?
  • My mind is stronger. I know when I go out for a long run, that I am fully capable to complete it, and my mind barely questions my abilities anymore. Its actually a mental strength I've been longing for.
  • I have to make my weekend plans around my long runs, so I find myself saying things like "no I can't go to x because I have to run tomorrow morning". It makes me feel cool.
  • I feel cool.
  • I feel a greater sense of accomplishment than I have in a long time.
  • My body has toned up quite a bit, and while I am looking like I've lost weight, I really weigh the same...
  • I'm a lot happier being so strong and in good shape.
  • God gives me a lot of choreography for dance pieces on my runs.
  • My stress level is lower ( I think)
  • I feel more confident in what I can accomplish in the future

Hopefully this is a good bit of info to let you into the life of a half marathon trainer, going from average Joe to a long distance runner:) all while being a Mommy! If you have a supportive husband such as my wonderful man, it is totally possible!

Thanks for following.

I did a 6 mile run yesterday and I think my pace was between 9:30 and 10:00! Also got to run with my housemate again:) I talked her ear off and it made me happy. Thanks Patricia!