When we got back from our holiday in Florida a dear friend of mine stopped in for a quick Hello:)

Calun: did you keep running over vacation?
Tabitha: I had to! I have no choice!! I already registered for the half marathon...
Calun: wow that's good that you kept up with it! That means your committed!
Tabitha: I don't feel very committed, but I'm registered to run the race so I guess that's what I'll do...

Its true. I don't feel committed. My housemate is up to 8 mile runs and I am only up to 3. Granted she is running a full marathon 13 more miles than me, but still! She is so committed! I asked her the other day if she was enjoying it, and with a smile from ear to ear she said "YES! I really am" ...well. Although I might not be beaming with joy as I crack open the front door to our house at 6 am 3 mornings a week...I'm still enjoying training.

Why am I running the half marathon? Is a question I continue to ask myself as I beat my body into submission and add on another mile.

Because I want to. There is still no other reason. I just want to. Nothing deep, nothing profound, nothing life changing or worth even writing this blog about.

Except for the fact that sometimes you can just do things because you want to.

I'm loving getting in shape, getting down to pre-baby Tabitha is of course super exciting and rewarding. My favorite part I guess is just being alone. Me and the Father, thinking thoughts and talking words to one another as I embark on a run or a 50 minute session of Yoga alone on the open road or in my living room. I am an athlete I suppose, and I'm doing well.

Saturday I will run 4 miles:) And increase by one mile for the next few weeks. Pray for me!