Can I just start off by saying I ran 8 miles yesterday!!!!

My clock said 1 hour and 18 minutes. But then my encouraging housemate reminded me that I started my clock a minute or two before I started by run, so I may have really done it in 1:16 or 1:17 every minute counts! This means that I had a pace slightly below 10 minutes per mile. If I could keep that pace for 8 miles, surely I can keep it for 13! Which means I could run a half marathon in roughly 2 hours and 15  minutes or so...OK my math isn't the best, but hey I'm encouraged here so don't bring me down! Unless you want to do the math for me and tell me I would have an even better time than I am estimating:)

Aside from all those numbers. THIS IS FUN. I can finally say it! This is fun! WOW, what a release! You know sometimes all you have to do is speak the joy of something, and there it is, joy. It doesn't always have to be a feeling, like "yay I feel happy inside when I run for an hour" it can be a choice and even the choice can turn into a reality.

I chose to run the half marathon. Nothing was telling me I had to or that I even wanted to. I made a choice, and that choice turned into a reality. Reality check- Tabitha Sue Swires YOU are a long distance runner! And you LIKE IT.

It feels good to admit all of that to you out there.

I think I've been trying to kid myself. Reminding myself over and over how hard this is, and how exhausted I am and therefore, I probably do not enjoy this because my feelings are not feelings that one would attribute to feelings of joy. But feelings are just that. Feelings. They are fickle, and fleeting, they are based on circumstances and conditions. They are conditional. Feelings are conditional.

So there you have it. Right before your very eyes, I chose to enjoy running long distances. And after I made the choice, you know I really started to feel it in my heart too.

I guess I just want to encourage you to choose something different today. Is there something in your life that your feelings have told you, you don't enjoy? Have you allowed conditions and circumstances to determine your enjoyment of an activity, a moment, a person, a marriage? a life time?

Could your joy be found in a simple choice? And the action of repeating that choice until you believe it and become it:)

Here is a verse I've spent a few years repeating

Proverbs 23: 7 " As a man thinks in his heart- so he is"

I love running. :)

side note: thanks for those of you who have contributed to this half marathon! Your support is extremely encouraging to me. Every time anyone gives a donation, I believe in myself even more. I feel loved and encouraged by you and just want to thank you for helping make this possible! Hopefully getting some new gear soon especially sense the seasons seem to be changing rather quickly! Bless you!