"In a single step, my life changed forever."--John Bingham Marathoning for Mortals

I'm a passionate person I must admit. It doesn't matter if its my dream, my husband's dream, heck a complete stranger's dream. When they accomplish it, I cry. When people talk about their dreams, something inside of me moves with passion and compassion and hunger to do something in order for that dream or desire to be in the natural as it is in their day dreams or on their hearts and minds. So you must imagine just how much I was bursting on the day of my half marathon.

Everything went as completely chaotic as possible leading up to the event:)

The day before, Scott and I were packing the car up and fighting and fighting and fighting about everything. The most ridiculous things. Those kinds of fights where you're kind of thinking how unimportant the fight is the whole time, whilst continuing to engage in the fight and being motivated to be the one who is right, about the dumb thing you are fighting for.

When we reached Greenville, SC the town our race was in, Patricia, myself and our girls rushed to the stadium in some freezing rain to go get our numbers for the race. Scott headed to the place we were supposed to eat and he was hoping to meet some friends as well. Scott did not find his friends and proceeded to walk a mile up hill in the freezing rain. Patricia and I and babies proceeded to walk in the freezing rain pushing the babies in the double stroller to look for Scott at the restaurant that he was not in. Then walked back to the car, drove around trying to figure out how to park at our hotel. It was just one of those nights. The next morning Patricia missed her alarm and I received a phone call from my running partner saying she was NOT in Greenville but still at home in Fort Mill very sick and unable to run my VERY FIRST race with me that day.

I caught on pretty quickly to the fact that Patricia and myself and hundreds of others were about to have a dream come true. We were about to victoriously cross a finish line. And there were definitely forces at work hating the fact that so many would have a dream come true that day. Hundreds of people were about to fulfill a very memorable goal that they had fought for and would now win. Darkness was working and toiling and pushing any buttons they could to get us to loose focus and not overcome and not gain the complete joy and life changing experience we had worked so hard for.

Well, on October 29th. I completed my first half marathon. In this book I've been reading Marathoning for mortals John Bingham the co-author writes "Something very personal and very deep happened somewhere between the last step and the medal...Every emotion imaginable comes across that finish line on the shoulders of the participants. And every emotion is valid. Every emotion is worth its weight in gold."

I still can't put into words what I experienced as I came into the stadium. Fans roaring and cheering, ringing cow bells and air horns blasting. Little kids reached down to high five me as I turned my last corner. And the stadium seemed packed. I ran under the big banner with cameras clicking at me as a young girl smiled at me and said "congratulations" and placed a metal around my neck.

I told you before, I'm not sure if I've ever felt so accomplished before. Not sure if I ever allowed myself to set such a high goal for myself, and actually see it through to the very end. Maybe others in my life will tell me that I have. But this one was different. This was one I literally did not believe in myself for, until I started the race. Once I started, I knew I was finishing, and I wasn't even wondering if I would finish well. I knew I would finish well. I could hear God's still small voice in my heart, pressing me onward. Encouraging me, reminding me that if I work this hard toward something, He will be faithful to see me through to the end. Not that its my efforts that attain a thing, but my heart, my willingness, my submission. These were the things I believe that He saw in me. And He strongly pursued me on that day to finish well, to keep a strong pace, and to not entertain anything negative in my thoughts but to love on others as I passed them by and to use joy and encouragement to those around me to be fueled off of. Isn't that just like Jesus? Need strength? Offer it to others. Need joy? Smile at someone. Need encouragement? Encourage someone around you. I ran alone, but felt so connected to God and to everyone around me as if they were my brothers and sisters. Attaining one goal, and spurring one another on to achieve victory.

Like I said. I'm a passionate person. But once you cross a finish line, you probably won't think I'm overreacting. It really is as amazing if not more amazing than these words I've written here.

Be encouraged. Please. Go after something. Even if it seems silly. Who cares. Allow God to lead you into unsafe territory. Just to prove to you that with Him no goal is too high, no dream unattainable.

love you all. Thanks again for your support. It was so powerful to me to know that you've imagined me crossing that finish line and each time you did it, I received it as a prayer of confirmation that I would.

Please feel free to ask me for help on running a race. I'm no expert. But I will be your cheerleader:) and hopefully guide you into some helpful tips.

Blessings! DREAM BIG!