On Saturday we ran about 4 miles...unexpectedly. Patricia and I woke up early Saturday morning trying to get in our 4th run of the week and hoping to run just a little bit further. We ended up running a lot a bit further and did quite a doozy (yes I just said doozy) on our bodies. BUT, we made it. We were exhausted all day Saturday and I don't even know if my body was ready for the run this morning.

This morning we probably did around 3 miles. It was hard and I still wondered about half way through how I was going to keep going. I am finally feeling like my body knows what it is doing and it working with me or even for me rather than against me. Thanks body! I've been practicing blessing my body each day, so maybe it is really trying to bless me back:)

Its hard to run. Its hard to keep a regime that seems so strict and time consuming whilst knowing that it will only get harder and the hours longer. This morning when we were running up a nice incline, I said to the Lord "why am I doing this?"

I heard back in my spirit "because you want to"

wow, things can be so simple sometimes.

Thanks for your support, and for following us here. I will officially register for the half marathon probably sometime this week. I am putting it off so as to not make it so real to myself that I might have to actually get hard core committed....but I'm pretty sure I'm already there.