RUNNING RUNNING RUNNING...everything I think about has to do with RUNNING!

I wake up in the morning and think about what I will eat, and how much I will drink...whether it is a running day or not, everything I eat and drink has to do with "how will this help me in my running?" and "what will best FUEL my body?" Sometimes I get a little sad as I have these thoughts, because I remember back to the days where everything was DANCE DANCE DANCE. I would think, "what should I wear today? will it be easy to dance in if I have to go to a rehearsal last minute?" and "how much water have I had?"..."can I drink another cup of coffee?" its interesting in what ways you truly become what you behold. I'm thinking and breathing and eating running right now, literally. Therefore I am becoming "a runner".

Oh my goodness, I never in all 25 years of my life thought I would be this person. Always looking for a good deal on running clothes. Wondering what kind of cross training I could do to best help my running...its getting a little crazy up here in my brain can you tell? Not that it was completely reasonable up here in the first place:)

Today was my first day running in Orlando Florida. Scott and I have been given the opportunity to stay here just outside of Disney for the month of July so on the outskirts of The Happiest Place on Earth I will train, sweat, cry, laugh, praise...and sometimes find myself in extremely uncomfortable positions like I found myself in today.

There I was, under the palm trees, running strong, I had a couple days of rest and one day of Yoga under my elastic waist band and I was ready to run. I felt confident as I passed the middle aged men out for their early morning walk. I could hear their thoughts..."here comes a runner"..."wow I bet she is strong"...."ah to be young and full of vigor once again"...YUP I was feeling it. I was in the zone. all too familiar feeling came along. I had to go to the bathroom, fast, pronto, so fast that I contemplated running up to the small hedges that I ran along and hanging with the squirrels for a moment.

I had gone probably only one mile when this urge came on and had another mile to go before I saw any sign of civilization. It seemed like I ran past 10 lush flowing fountains in the middle of beautiful lakes by the time I finally made it to a gas station. I ran in almost breathless, sweat pouring out of every place it could pour from, face beat red and begged the man to let me use his bathroom. He wouldn't of put up a fight with anyone that looked like I did at that point.

I thanked the man about 5 times before leaving the gas station. And slowly jogged another half mile or so...

OK OK I know, it was a slow start today. Tomorrow will be better. Join me again.

much love
the running Mom