Well well well this month has turned out to be quite interesting. Definitely not a month dedicated to the beginning of my training, but with grace and strength from above I'm managing to squeeze into one month- vacation,rest,errands,helping get my in-laws new home in Florida ready, painting, swimming, going to Disney, AND training for a half-marathon which includes running three days a week and cross training two days a week with Yoga.

I know this doesn't sound like much of a Sabbatical month, but it actually has been QUITE relaxing! Thank you Jesus!

My training is going really well. Slow and steady is definitely my motto. I'm following the book "marathoning for mortals" very closely and sticking strictly to the schedule provided for me by these pro runners. It calls for a slower pace than I'm sure most would think you should take, but I'm building strength and enjoying my stress free runs each week. Definitely confident that I will make it to...the starting line:)

much love

the running Mom

3 miles today in under 30 mins followed by speed/form drills for 5 mins afterward+Florida heat= soaked but satisfied me:)