Running has been hard. I'm not gonna lie. This morning I got to a little over 2 miles and just felt every lie in my mind raise up against me and tackle my body. I got heavier and heavier with each step and finally gave up and walked for a bit. The funny thing is I've already run more than 2 miles multiple times and done great. So why WHY all the sudden is my mind choosing to revolt and tell me that I literally physically cannot do what I'm attempting?

I wish I had an answer. I'm reading a book called Marathoning for Mortals by a man known as "the Peguin" his name is John Bingham and the co-writer I guess is called Jenny Hadfield. Anyway in this book they write a lot about the strength of our minds. Running will take effort, physical effort mental effort emotional effort. Well Mr. Penguin, you are so stinkin right.

This is the second time running this past week that I've freaked myself out so much to the point where I want to quit and this time I actually did stop for almost half a mile.

The mind is a crazy place. My body can feel so strong and confident, and the minute my mind wanders and questions my ability, my body begins to fall apart. What is this strange little battlefield and why can't I conquer it?

I will conquer. I am conquering actually. Everyday I run I get closer and closer to the half marathon.

Today I started thinking maybe the only reason I'm running this race is to become stronger mentally. I'm cool with that. Sounds like a good goal to me.