Welcome to the Running Mom website.  You are invited to follow the Running Mom duo, Tabitha Swires and Patricia Smith, as they pursue marathon glory.  Check in regularly for blogs, photos, marathon info and more!  Maybe you will find the encouragement to run the race you find yourself!

Want to participate in the mom's running beyond reading and praying?! 

     Running a marathon, even a half marathon, is more of a financial commitment than people might imagine. The mom's will need to purchase other If you would like to financially participate in their upcoming run you can do so by clicking the "Donate" button below.  You will see that there is a button for each of the moms.  Please select if you would iike to choose Team Tabitha or Team Patricia.  It would be a secure gift through Paypal that would be much appreciated by the Running Mom Team here in Fort Mill!  Thank you for considering taking this leap with us!

Team Tabitha

 New At RunningMom

Ever wonder what a casual 5 mile run looks like?  Watch the video below to see a 3D flyer of one of Tabitha's past routes!

Below you will see a banner that says "Watch the 3D Fly-over!"  Click on it and you will be taken to Tabitha's running app page.  You will instantly see a route that she has taken in a past run.  In the top corner of the map you will see an icon that says "3D".  Click on it and watch the fly-over.  Enjoy experiencing a typical Running Mom training run!


 Why A Site, Why "Running Mom"?

 :A Word From Scott

     I guess it started with a couple of friends talking to Tabitha about their marathon experiences.  Tabitha has been a runner for years now and she always seemed to be talking to about running in the mornings.  I am not a runner.  I might barely be classified as a brisk walker.  But to Tabitha, running is something special.  It was easy to see that running a marathon sparked Tabitha's imagination.

     After several talks, Tabitha finally admitted that this was something important to her.  She decided that it was time to commit herself to the task of running a half marathon.  Somewhere in all the conversations I realized a few things.  One of the first, probably since I'm a guy, was seeing that this was going to be a financial commitment.  We were dedicating ourselves to buying a few pairs of running shoes and paying an entry fee.  Many of you know our current lifestyle makes this no small commitment.  The second thing we noticed was that this was going to be a time commitment.  A half marathon is still over 13 miles of running! The training required is almost daily and Tabitha has major responsibilities as a stay-at-home wife and mom that take up a lot time.  We understood this would cut into time that we enjoy spending together as a family.  A third, more personal challenge, comes out of recent experiences.  We recently lost our pregnancy after 14 weeks.  It was tough, but part of our character is to make sure that we do not let such things rob us of the blessings God has to offer us in this season.

Out of these three things, I felt it was important to create this site.  My hope is to bless my wife by creating a platform she can receive emotional support/encouragement, sponsorship from those that feel led, and opening up a possibility to bless others through being a visible testimony of God's goodness. We know that there are others out there that have gone through similar things, or even the exact thing, we have and we want to simply share in living life with those of you that follow this story as it unfolds.  I especially hope to encourage other moms out there who are dreaming of doing something, but the enemy has been attacking you with doubts and concerns.  It's time for those thoughts to go!  You are important and your dreams are important.  It's time to begin running the race that you are excited to run!

Please follow along with our family as we let you in our slice-of-life experience.  God is truly the kindest Person we have ever met and we'd like to see for yourselves!


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