Running Everywhere Else

October 13, 2011
Things are busy here in our home before the big day.  It's quickly coming up on us at the end of the month.  As a true web developer, I have spent more time doing other peoples sites and blogs than my own!  Another element is that our scheduled as shifted a lot.  Tabitha is busy in training and teaching dance, while I work from home, designing sites for dancers that I've never seen perform and Mexican restaurants that I've never eaten in.  It's very exciting though as we approach the big day.  I've seen aspects of my wife, elements of crafted character, that I didn't know were there.  They've revealed themselves through still be active in our family through tough workouts, 5:30am running sessions with a friend, never slacking in being a wife and a mother, and having months of hearing," Scott, I just ran the furthest I've ever run!"  In time where it seems like few goals are set, let alone achieved, Tabitha and Patricia exceed theirs on a weekly basis.  I'm thinking... maybe it's time for me to look into my first 5K!  I'm very proud of my wife.  Proverbs says that a good wife is like a jewel in the crown and she is my jewel. 

Thank you, Faithful Followers, for doing this with us.  Your support has been more than helping with new shoes, but living statements of encouragement that have helped the Running Moms going through the tough times.  Stand by for lots of photos of the big day!

Mission Discovery

June 14, 2011
This is really my first attempt at creating a website.  Thanks to places like Yola, I get to experiment with webdesign at different levels.  A buddy of mine struck my interest nearly two years ago and just now I'm realizing what it would have meant for us as a family had I really pursued it like I had wanted to.  But nothing is too late!  So here I am.  While seeking for a job down here, I have been trying to develop new skills to make myself more marketable.  God has not only connected me wi...
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Scott's Brief Bio

Scott Swires I am husband to Tabitha and father to Selah. We are currently pursuing what God has for us here in Fort Mill. Still not sure what that is, but if Abraham didn't know where he was going, then we must be in good company! I hope you enjoy following our story!


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